The Grand Enrollment Ceremony of the 20th Reincarnation of Bakula Rinpoche at Drepung Losel Ling.

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On 22nd  November, 2017, His Eminence Tenzin Ngawang Jigmey Wangchuk, the 20th reincarnation of Bakula Rinpoche formally enrolled into Drepung Losel Ling Monastic University, Mundgod, Karnataka, India after holding 'The Entering the Gate of Dharma's ceremony (Chos-shugs).
H.E. Tenzin Ngawang Jigmey Wangchuk
Of his enrollment ceremony part, he was taking first the defend position of debating in Losel Ling Courtyard.
H.E. Bakula Rinpoche (the previous reincarnation)

On 23rd November, a special ceremony was held at Pethub Khangtsen including a long life Puja and Scarf Offering, followed by speeches of some special guests. 
Offering a Long Life Puja to Rinpoche at Pethub Khangtsen
His Holiness the Dalai Lama recognized Tenzin Jigmey Wangchuk, who was born in Ladakh as the 20th reincarnation of  Bakula Rinpoche in 2006, and he took the position of the supreme head of Pethub monastery in Ladakh in 2008. Now he officially enters Drepung losel Ling Monastic University for pursuing his Buddhist studies so that he can achieve the same level of great deeds accomplished by the previous incarnation.

Monastic community and lay devotees were offering scarves to Rinpoche.
Rinpoche's Parents and his relatives were also offered scarves.
The former Gaden Tripa was presiding the ceremony.

The special ceremonial event at Pethub Khangtsen was being 
presided by His Eminence the former Gaden Tripa (the spiritual head of Geluk school of Tibetan Buddhism) Rizong Sey Rinpoche and attended by  special guests including Sharpa Choejee
Rinpoche, Drepung Monastic Tripa Rinpoche, abbot of Drepung Goman, the former abbot of Losel Ling/Gyurmey, Mr. Tsering Dorjee, Cooperative minister of Jammu Kashmir state, Mr. Thupten Tsewang, member of Indian parliament, Mr. Tsering Samphel, President of Congress Party in Leh and Dr Sonam Dawa, Chief Executive of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council. Many devotees from different areas in India, especially in Ladakh and abroad including England, Russia and Mongolia came to celebrate Rinpoche’s ceremony joined the auspicious function.

Monastic Community at the ceremony.

Guests from different areas in India and abroad were present on the occasion.

Guests from different places in India, especially in Ladakh
The former Gaden Tripa, the chief guest, abbot of Drepung Gomang monastery, the Chairman of Tibet House Trust in UK, the member of Indian parliament, the President of Congress Party in Leh, the Chief Executive of Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council kindly wished Rinpoche a grand success in his studies and addressed the audience.
The former Gaden Tripa was giving a speech on the function.

Special Guests from different organizations in Ladakh.

Mr. Thupten Tsewang, member of Indian Parliament addressed the audience.

Guests and devotees from Ladakh

Guests and devotees from Ladakh

The event concluded with holding a ceremonial lunch for all guests and monastic comunity by Pethub Galden Targars Ling monastery and Bakula Ladrang.
A ceremonial lunch was offered to all guests and monastic communty