Third Deliberative discussion on Prama na Vartika Karika and Tantra.

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Third Deliberative discussion on PRAMA-NA VARTI-KA KARI-KA and TANTRAP
This week from novenber 08th to 11 Novenber, we have one of the most important academic curriculum of the year-- the famed (Zin Thangpo Thokchoe) or Deliberative discussion of Class one. This annual interactive discussion, attended by great scholars especially distinguished Geshes and undergraduates of the Monastery, is a great opportunity for young aspirants to broaden their knowledge horizon and especially in gaining deeper insights into finer points of Buddhist philosophy and practice. It is of 2 sessions Morning( 8 AM to 11AM) and Afternoon (2 to 5 PM). It usually begins with junior monks putting their doubts over certain important points to the open, followed by answers and series of counter arguments among the attendants--often, one session seems too short for one question. So, this is in short a great platform where the monks share knowledge and help each other delve deeper into Buddhist philosophy and practices--with references from standard texts backed by infallible reasons/logics.