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The great Je Jamyang Choeje Tashi Palden, a chief disciple of the Great Je Tsongkhapa, founded Drepung Monastery in 1416 AD, and since then it has been an elite Center for Advanced Budddhist Studies and Practice attracting aspirant monks from all over Tibet, Mongolia, India, China,Nepal  boasting a strength of over 10000, at times, and usually around 7700. It has been thus a major source of famed distinguished scholars for centuries and thus deservingly labelled as the 2nd Nalanda University ( Harvard/Oxford/ Cambridge of Yore India).              And it is all thanks to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama that the Drepung Monastery ,like all others,has not only survived 1959 Tibet tragedy but continue to serve the world and entire humanity by preserving the invaluable Nalanda Tradition of Buddhism which has a lot offer for genuine world peace and harmony. So, as a part of Commemorating 600 years of Drepung Monastery, and paying homage and paying tributes the Great Je Jamyang Choeje and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, an Overnight Debate on MADHYAMIKA,PRAJNAPARAMITA and PRAMNA( Middle view, Perfection of wisdom and Valid Cognition) has been organised at our Monastery graced by H.E. Gaden Tri Rinpoche, abbots/I former abbots, Tulkus and the monks of Drepung Gomang and Losel Ling Monastery in attendance. Also, in attendance are students of CST school, Mundgod. On the dais are this years Geshe Lharampa of Gomang Monastery actively answering and engaging our monks furling them series of questions, both trying to delve deeper into some finer points of Buddhist philosophy. Each trying to convince one another with ones perspective, backed by valid reasoning and standard textual references. So, it is our foremost priority in trying to provide a conducive environment where this unique precious Nalanda tradition get preserved and thrive. This all, as always, we dedicate for the long life and good health of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.