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There are some melodious prayers which are still recited in the traditional way. From earlier times, these melodious prayers were learned and recited during the Great Summer Festival. However, now, with the annual exam coinciding with the Great Summer Festival,

the melodious prayers are read during the Autumn Festival. The monks gifted with a good voice and also well trained in these melodious prayers are selected. They have to practice a lot. Two of the monks from the selected group discuss with the Chant Master and get permission from the Disciplinarian to be absent from any prayer meetings that fall between their practice sessions. During that time these monks recite the morning prayers in fine tunes just like during the actual prayers where all the monks would be present. The monks of Loseling College sit in ascending order of class and the freshers learn from their seniors during these morning and evening prayer meetings. Everyday during special evening prayers (Kurim) the monks alternately recite melodiously the Torma Offering prayers common to the whole of the Drepung University and the Torma Offering prayers of Loseling College. On special evenings, these monks recite more grand melodious prayers after which the students practice hard what they have learned during the day.